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Web Based Software
Our web based software is the portal by which you view your data.

i6 Inclinometer
Our in-place inclinometer provides accurate displacement profiles in real-time and continuous monitoring.

GCM Controller Module
The GCM4 controller provides data storage and a communications link between a network of GST or INC modules and a field computer or the Geodaq web server.

GST Transducer Module
A large network of GST modules can simultaneously acquire static or dynamic samples and communicate the results to a GCM4 using a single cable.

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Dams and Levees
Transporation Projects


Structural Monitoring
Earth Retaining Structures
Pile Instrumentation and Testing


Dynamic Monitoring
Landslide and Slope Monitoring
Remote Monitoring


Wireless Networks
Web-Based Software
Early Warning Systems


Pipelines and Tunnels
New Technology
Real-Time Monitoing